5 School Lunches Your Kids Can Make For Themselves

by Jodi Costa
Monday, August 15, 2016


hat's the number one thing that can drive a mom crazy during the school year? Besides the time it takes to plan and prepare your kids lunchbox, there is also the added stress of packing it with "stuff they like". It's a common occurence in my home for the front door to open wide and before it slams shut, the words "I'm starving" echo through the house. Then, I find a half eaten (or less) lunch box. And when I offer for them to finish their lunch as a snack, "I didn't really like it" is the response. Ugh. How can I pack their lunch with healthy fuel and have them enjoy it without spending tons of time and money? How can I save time when my mornings are so rushed as it is? I have 5 suggestions that will spare your sanity.

Here are 5 school lunches your kids can make for themselves & 3 School Survival Tips. Stop dreading the lunchbox with these fuss free, morning saving lunch ideas. 

Include your kids when it comes time to plan, shop and prepare meals. Yes, it may take more time than if you did it yourself, but the life lesson you're teaching your children will carry throughtout their lifetime. And isn't that what you're there for? Training them up to be independent, skilled and successful adults. Spending this valuable time with your kiddos in the kitchen will help them realize the amount work involved in meal making. And without their help, mommy may "snap". (lol, but really.)

Here is the menu:  
Once you go through it, feel free stray off and make up your own menu with your School-aged buddies! No need to write it all down. Scroll down past the week menu and download the FREE PRINTABLE! 


PB & Berries 

Whole Grain Bread with Peanut Butter - I use this one 
     allergies? Use almond or cashew butter!
Blueberries, strawberries & raspberries
Drizzle with a bit of honey and top with the second piece of bread
Serve with veggie sticks and grapes 


Chicken Cheese Skewers
Chunks of chicken 
Chunks of cheese
Olives or a grape tomato
Let the kids thread the ingredients onto toothpicks or small bamboo skewer
And for dessert thread strawberries and green grapes onto a toothpick 


Pizza Construction
Whole grain english muffin
Pasta sauce (here is my homemade recipe)
Spinach leaves
Tomato slice
Grated cheese
Let the kids assemble - depending on their age, you or they place into a toaster oven or under the broiler of the oven. 


Salad Bar
Separate ingredients out into bowls so they can load up on the ones they like the most
Shredded lettuce/greens
Carrot matchsticks
Celery, sliced
Hard boiled egg
Shredded cheese
Beans (can of black or cannelinni beans - or blanched green beans)
Have a small container (dixie cup) of dressing already pre-measured for them to take 


Nacho Friday!
There are some excellent choices of organic corn tortilla chips now > Like this one < Yay!
Refried Beans
Cheese Olives
Sour Cream
If you have any leftover chicken or beef, shred it. Works GREAT on nachos!
And just like the salad bar, let your kiddo build his/her own 


We have documented the 5 school lunches as you see in this blog post for your to easily print and put on your refrigerator.



Kids that invest in their meal making, eat their meals! 

Bonus - School Survival Tips

Tip #1:

Equip your kids to make their own lunch by including their favorite lunch making items on your shopping list. 

Tip #2: 

Schedule lunch box pakcing time. Either in the morning or the night before. When it's on the schedule, it is expected, not inconvenient. 
     Our house makes lunches in the morning. 

Tip #3:
Don't forget to make it FUN! Turn on the tunes and dance around while making memories in the kitchen.

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