5 Ways to be Healthy by Learning Healthy Habits

by John Costa
Tuesday, June 28, 2016


was thinking of Interior Design and the sets we are designing for other Now Go Cook story lines. I began to think of what it takes to design a room or a set and put all the elements together to create something great. I was thinking of the Interior Design Student and how they must ‘learn by doing’ something they are currently probably not doing.

You don't start doing most things by just doing them,  unless it is so simple that it only requires a single action. You start by learning how to do them. People say "Eat Healthy" and the recipient of that call says "I'm gonna start eating healthy", but we know this is not a single action or a single action repeated over and over again, it is a mindset that must be nurtured just like a student who is trained in a craft. This applies to learning how to cook and eat for Health. 

You must learn the finer details of the things we eat and how they increase or decrease health. How to assemble for taste as well as nutrition and how to do this so you can enjoy the results.  Then these elements must be put into a larger design, the recipe or the meal and put into practice. Here are five basic ways you can Learn the practice of eating for health and put these into practice daily as a student who desires to heal your body with the ingredients that will do so.

Students are asked to learn and show their knowledge of tasks singularly placed in the curriculum and then put those tasks together to actually design a room decor.

This task of doing is something they repeatedly learn and do until it is a part of their instinct. I was picturing the student having to 

So people dont have to change how they eat but they change how they cook and think about food and the change will naturally take place in their eating. 

Much like a student we must continue the process of learning and doing to be able to think wisely about the choices in the entire process. Will you make mistakes along the way .... Yes, anyone can and will but the training you have undergone will help you through the process of correction and moving forward. 

Here are five steps to learn the practice of cooking and eating for health: 

1. Discover - discover what Health really means and what healthy ingredients look like and what they can do for your health. You will then seek not only the benefits but the flavors associated with eating these healthy ingredients. 


2. Experience the process - 


3. Enjoy the benefits

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