Wash It Wednesday Tip #2 - Cutting Boards

by Jodi Costa
Friday, July 08, 2016


iving the whole food lifestyle means pursuing the cleanest, truest forms of living. From the food we put in our mouths to the water we drink and products we use.  I am proud to say I've abandoned a lot of unhealthy methods and tools, including getting rid of my plastic sheet cutting mats that harbored bacteria and chemicals. I love using wood cutting boards. They look beautiful. I have one in particular that resembles a checkerboard of different woods with the grain going different directions. It resembles a piece of art. But how do I take care of it?

When I used plastic cutting boards or mats, I would soak them in bleach water in the sink with a drizzle of dish soap. I'm sure that killed some built up bacteria, but as I look back, I shake my head wondering why would I ever use bleach in the same location that my food touches?! Yikes. But what do I use to clean my wooden cutting boards?  

Then I found Kristen at LiveSimply.me. She claims to LOVE cleaning. I'm not sure if we could ever be friends LOL.  To me, cleaning is one of those things that I know has to be done, I procrastinate, contemplate, deliberate ... and finally .... delegate! Making the mess is so much more fun than cleaning it up. But thanks to Live Simply, I can feel good about how I clean my cutting boards .... or how I ask my kids to clean my cutting boards! 

Thank you Kristen at Live Simply for your dedication to sharing your passion of natural cleaning. 

Check out LIVE SIMPLY.

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