What Elon Musk, the Car Industry & Mass Production teaches us about the future of health.

by John Costa
Friday, September 02, 2016


was directed to a 2014 blog post written by Elon Musk recently, you know the guy, made his own space ship, leased it to the government, then went on to revolutionize electric cars with his company Tesla. In his post he defines the struggle for Tesla to build enough electric cars to address the crisis of emissions. The market is simply too big to make a huge impact quickly despite the fact that his product is superior in pollution control. He defines the true competition he faces is not other electric car producers, but in the mass production of gas powered vehicles. He decides that sharing the patents for tech he invented could help bring about technology change quicker. You can read the article here.

His assessment of the car industry and his “competitors” mirrors that of the food industry in many ways: 

  • Corporate giants control what is offered on the larger scale, healthy or not. 
  • The business mind offers what can make a profit before that of what can help a life thrive.
  • Technology advancements precede production of large quantities, lower cost and constraints within the status quo despite health impact. 
  • Advancements are not always focused on cultural impact or desire for the betterment of society or people as a whole.
  • Competition is not between those would desire to bring change for health but rather with those who continue to produce things that defy health.

Musk asserts that “rapidly growing technology change” would bring the biggest benefit to all mankind. Where food is concerned I agree, But…. no technology change can impact anything unless it is accepted and adopted by the masses, even demanded. The corporations will keep selling what they are tooled to produce giving people little choice, then modify it to make even bigger profits. Realistically the change starts with any one single person deciding to step in, LIKE YOU. When people make the decision to step in, not only do they decide to partake in the better choice but they decide to do away with the lesser choice until the status quo changes. Only then will the corporate minds say “lets change what we sell and make it healthier”.


"The Good News: the change to a Whole Food lifestyle happens with each meal"


The Good News is that unlike the car industry which requires considerable financial investment on the part of all parties, manufacturers and purchasers, the change to a Whole Food or health conscious lifestyle happens with each meal. With small, intentional steps a person can absolutely change the way their body heals and thrives. Financially this can be done with reasonable cost which is a contradiction of what most people think. And yes mistakes will be made, but unlike buying or selling the wrong car these mistakes can be corrected quickly and easily once the Whole Food Mindset exists in a person.

As whole food enthusiasts, Now Go Cook projects the direction of a healthy lifestyle. We don’t compete with others who project the same idea but band together with them to help create the “rapidly growing technology change” within the food industry. We move to create change in the  mindset of what keeps us healthy and thriving. We do not promote the production of processed, health degrading, deceptive foods being offered in our world and have no financial gain to do so! The larger corporations push and sell a product in large scale - a man made, man modified, man messed with “Food Product”, but the lesser, smaller groups like us push the idea of “Real Food” that helps your body heal and thrive.


One day Real Food and Electric Cars will be the status quo and we will experience a healthier environment within and around our lives. We will talk the talk of clean air and health gained through foods that help us live out our purpose under God. You may even say it wasn’t your choice to buy an electric car or order a salad but when the status quo changes your choices may just dictate a healthier you, without even having to think about it.


Let’s make change together - one meal at a time!

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