Smashed Cauliflower - Mashed Potatoes without the Potato

This is a basic recipe for a delectable treat without the calories and starch that the beloved potato offers. The health benefits of cauliflower are crazy and without a large amount of calories. In fact, an entire head of cauliflower contains only 146 calories. Of course, the butter and milk added to this recipe increases those calories. So for vitamins, minerals, fiber and minimal calories, consider adding cauliflower to your menu often!

And besides all the nutrition, it's unlikely that your family will even know the difference between Smashed Cauliflower and Mashed Potatoes! Eat healthy and enjoy!!!!


1 head cauliflower, chopped
1/2 cup whole milk
4 Tbls. butter
salt and pepper
Preparation Instructions

Clean and chop cauliflower into bite sized pieces. The smaller the pieces, the quicker it cooks through.  Boil 2-3 inches of water in a pot and add the cauliflower. 

Cover and cook for approximately 10 minutes. The cauliflower should be very tender. Smashable!  Drain the water and use a vegetable masher to break down. 

Add milk, butter and salt & pepper and continue to smash until it's as smooth as you wish. If you like it whipped, use an immersion blender. It will look VERY much like mashed potatoes.