Pesto On Everything!!!
Pesto On Everything!!!

Aromatic. Fresh. Versatile. Delicious on just about anything.
Pesto On Everything!!!

Aromatic. Fresh. Versatile. Delicious on just about anything.
Basil pesto is an italian sauce that features basil, pine nuts garlic, parmigiano reggiano and olive oil. The combination of the fresh basil and the salty cheese add an unforgettable pizzazz to many dishes. We will show you how to make pesto, and then challenge you to get creative with it.

Not only does Pesto pack a huge flavor addition to whatever you choose to put it on, it creates a very interesting way of obtaining health benefits from the ingredients by simply just spooning it over your favorite things. How many sauces can claim to be a health addition to your meals. That's why we dedicated this page to Pesto, a worthy component to many dishes. Read below to learn more about Pesto and what i can do for you... besides the flavor that is.


2 cups Basil
1/4 cup Parmesan, grated
1 Tbls fresh Lemon juice (I like 2!)
3 cloves Garlic
1/4 - 1/2 olive oil
1/4 walnuts
Preparation Instructions

Wash and dry basil. Add all ingredients to the blender. And blend until smooth.

Taste and re-season if necessary. Keep in a sealed container and use within 48 hours.

This recipe is set for an undertone of lemon. I love a bold, lemony pesto. It brightens up whatever you put it on.
- Add red pepper flake in step one for a spicy version.
- Substitute walnuts for pine nuts.
- Add half basil and half spinach if the basil pesto is too strong for you.

If you make more than you can eat at one meal, don't toss the leftover, keep and enjoy for the next few weeks.

1. Put into ice cube trays and freeze
2. Once frozen, put in a zip tight bag
3. Store in freezer up to 1 month
4. Thaw 1 cube to flavor soup or add to salad dressing, thaw several to share on your favorite dish