Fresh Ingredients - What Does That Really Mean?

by John Costa
Wednesday, June 29, 2016


e have all heard the term "Fresh Ingredients" over and over in marketing and advertising campaigns. I often wonder what they mean when they say it as often times we find out the people saying it really aren't using such fresh ingredients. So what does it really mean?

I just saw the term again while running down my FaceBook wall, a company was offering "Fresh" in the way of ingredients, but they package up the fresh and send it to you, so how fresh can it really be when a business is about making money right? In my experience the business mind does whatever it takes to maximize profits not freshness, especially when FRESH can easily be had by simply using the term in your marketing, no matter what the truth is.

Fresh can be translated to the quality of how it arrives to you, the perception of the quality would be directly translated to the freshness of how it looks, the state it is in, the ripeness or lack of, the color, the smell? None of these things translate to the actual freshness of the ingredients when pertaining to your Health. I think that is why they use the term Fresh since it really has nothing to do with health quality but rather appearance quality or packaging quality or even dare I say taste quality. All of these things can be achieved through chemicals or genetic modifications...and for what purpose you might ask, well for starters - Freshness - translated actually means "repeat customers" not "Health".

This makes good business sense, but what about your health, isn't that what "Fresh" should really apply to. Fresh as in recently picked or recently purchased from a produce stand or grocery. Fresh as in the removal of all chemicals or pesticides. Fresh as in a good quality piece of produce or fruit or a great selection of meats not tampered with by man. 

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It would be Refreshing to know that FRESH
actually applied to the continuation of ManKind
in a Healthy Persevering State

So here is my complaint in a nutshell with this mindset of Fresh! A well known sandwhich purveyor uses the "Fresh" title in their marketing, yet they were found to have included an ingredient with similar properties to plastic in their bread recipe to enhance the appearance - to what purpose, I guess to look FRESH. Appearance enhancements are more focused on than Health because appearance sells more sandwhiches. That same franchise sandwhich chain uses frozen meats and other products, yet still retains the communication of "Fresh". You can read the exposed truth herehere and here.

So I ask you, what does FRESH mean to you? I think like so many other things the translation does not boil down to your Health but rather to their company bottom lines. I would wonder if the corporate minds that make these decisions actually eat the food themselves. 

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