How to Clean Burnt Food Off of a Ceramic Stove Top

by John Costa
Sunday, June 05, 2016


he other night we were cooking something with Milk on our Ceramic Stove Top and it boiled over leaving a crusty, burnt circle of something we never thought we would be able to remove.

It was extremely frustrating to have to deal with the spillover on the glass top stove, it was so quick to burn and I really thought for a minute that it would be there forever. The words of the installer kept coming to mind, "If you ruin the ceramic stove top you might as well just get a new stove!". Ughhhhhh, what was I gonna do, then I remembered how I dealt with it last time it happened. 

Good News is it can be removed, then I remembered the Bad News - it will take some effort to do. The following worked extremely well for the spillover of milk or cream that gets Burnt into the Ceramic Stove Top.

The items you need to have in order are:

Olive Oil
Razor Blade - single edge preferably in a scrape holder of some sort
Small glass bowl
Baking soda
Lemon juice if you have it
Soft cloth (nothing abrasive)

Instructions to Remove the Burnt Substance from the Ceramic Stove Top:

Start by allowing the burner to cool completely before attempting to remove anything. Trying to clean a hot burner is dangerous and invites further burns and problems. When the burner has cooled, you are ready to begin.

If the stain is thick, start by scraping away the burnt substance with a spoon or dull knife. For tougher stains, a razor may be useful to scrape the larger portions away first. To do this, coat the stain with olive oil to help loosen and lubricate it. Carefully push the razor blade against the stain, keeping it as flat as possible, to scrape it off. Take caution not to scratch the surface.

Once the majority of the burnt food is gone and the surface no longer has any edges to catch with the razor blade, you are ready to move onto the next phase. Start by mixing a paste of baking soda and water in a small dish. It should be the consistency of toothpaste. Spread the paste over the burnt area and allow it to set for at least 10 minutes. Do not allow it to sit so long that it dries out. An optional step is to pour lemon juice over the baking soda. It will cause a fizzing and may help to release tougher areas. After either mixture (plain or with lemon juice) has had a chance to sit, gently scrub the area with a soft cloth or plastic scrubber. Do not use any abrasive scrubbers as it will damage the glass surface.

Repeat as necessary until the food is gone.
If a stain still remains after the burnt food is removed, clean the stain with either baking soda and water or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. When all burnt food and stains are removed, clean the surface as usual with mild soap and warm water.

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