Why is the Cooking so GOOD?

by John Costa
Monday, June 19, 2017


odi told me recently that she thought I Loved her because her cooking was so good. I of course corrected her and told her of the many great things she brings to my life, but agreed the cooking is amazing. She could take a chicken tender and a store bought waffle and make a Fathers Day special..... and she did. I did start thinking of a couple of keywords she said in that sentence. "Love" and "Good Cooking" and my mind started going off.

To cook good, especially with Whole Food, avoiding sugar and processed junk, you gotta have some L...O...V...E! This is where the rubber meets the road. You gotta Love aspects of the journey, even to imitate the recipes Jodi works so hard at making easy. Loving cooking may be a beginning, but for some they simply don't. It may come later but how do you start making good whole food meals now if you dont Love to cook? I might have a few pieces of insight to share.

You have to love yourself and desire a better way. To be able to take complicated ingredients and engineer a meal, you have to want it, you have to want to feel better about yourself and this means you have got to Love yourself and reach for more. Right now you may be used to cooking ingredients out of a box and this really is not the way to Love yourself or your health. Jodi puts Love and Care into each recipe because she really cares about it, she wants better for herself. 

My amazing wife, cares enough to concoct something that gives her an experience she can enjoy. She truly loves to make her meals because she wants what is better for her. If you don't Love doing this for a worthy purpose (yourself) how can you make it good. If you don't make it good you will always think that whole food cooking is for weirdos and health nuts and you will be back to KFC in a heartbeat. You know better, that's why you are reading this.

Jodi does an amazing effort at loving the ones she is with. This also translates through her cooking. She cares about us, she cares about her children. By the Blessing of the Lord above she cares about me, yes even me. She takes care in the cleaning, rinsing, understanding of the fruits and vegetables she brings home and what to do with them that makes her creations feel like they were created from the heart. She cares about us and herself and the way we treat our bodies. Man what a blessing!

Jodi showed me her Love and care in my entire life, even down to the cooking and how she fed our family. I helped (but it was really her because she is freaking amazing) to get the kids to join in the cooking and meal prep. They responded to the Love and in turn enjoyed being Loved thru food so much that now they know how to help, prep, cook and move in the kitchen. It is a beautiful thing because nothing moves like Love and when you have Love in your cooking, well... it really moves. Trust me, may family has eaten amazing creations, invented by my adorable, courageous, strikingly blonde wife for longer than the life I lived before her and she has showered us with Love in all she does, including the kitchen.

If I could inspire you in anything, it is to Love yourself and Love others. Care for people in a way that makes them enjoy what they eat but also shows care for their physical and mental well being. My example in this is my Loving wife, she has inspired me to Love in ways I never knew I could. For this I am blessed. TBTG!

Now Go Cook!

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